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Powder Packing Lines/ We provide machinery specifically for dosing and packing powdery products into sealed bags.

This item includes the basic range VFFS Bagging Machine with an Auger Filler and Auger Conveyor with hopper.

By combining these machines, this item is effectively a near complete packing line.

Product is placed in the hopper at the foot of the auger conveyor, which is then driven up to the auger on top of the bagging machine which is then fed into the bagging machine which creates and seals the product into a laminate bag.

The Basic Range Vertical Form Fill Seal bagging machine is a mid-range machine designed for filling and sealing laminate film bags for a variety of product types.

This machine comes with a printer and single forming set (made to size requirement) as standard and is the ideal machine for packing both food and non-food items due to its robust stainless steel construction.

Complete with a 7" touch screen control panel for ease of use and a large range of optional extras, this vertical form fill seal packaging machine is an ideal starting point for most standard sized applications.

Jaws for sealing polythene film bags can be purchased separately for this machine.