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Our Service/ We don't just sell individual items and machines. We also provide complete packing lines. Our complete packing lines service consists of assessment of your needs, sourcing the most ideal machinery for your requirements, fabrication where required, 3-Dimensional representation with project reports and pricing information, installation, commissioning, training, support and maintenance.

Assessment/ You let us know what you want to pack and your specific requirements (see list below), and we will assess your requirements to help source the ideal machinery and equipment.

  • Product - What is your product (confectionary, fish, meat, vegetables etc)
  • Product Type i.e. consistency (dry, wet, sticky etc)
  • Product Size i.e. large pieces, small pieces, granular, powder etc.
  • Target Weight - The output product weight that you want to achieve
  • Desired Target Speed
  • Maximum Bag Length (if applicable)
  • Maximum Flat Bag Width (if applicable)
  • Bag Type i.e. pillow pack, block bottom / gusseted, doy pack, sachet etc (if applicable)
  • Maximum floor space available
  • Maximum height available
  • Available power supply / air supply etc

We may also ask a variety of other questions, dependent on your specific requirements.

Once we have this information, we can then look at what sort of machinery you may require and begin sourcing the most appropriate machinery.

Sourcing Machinery/ We don't just provide machinery from our list available on this website. We also provide packing machinery from a range of other sources including used machinery suppliers and dealers, overseas exporters and a range of contacts both UK based and from around the world that stock both new and used food packing machinery.

Your budget constraints may mean that you would be more suited to buying used machinery, or you may have a particular preference for specific manufacturers. Either way, we will be able to help get you the machinery you need.

It is not a problem if you already have some machinery that you wish to incorporate into the system. Just let us know what you have and we will do our best to source the rest.

We cannot always guarantee that used machinery will be available for your particular requirements. If not we will advise you and offer suitable alternatives matching both price and or quality.

Fabrication/ We use a local team of fabricators for any manufacturing and fabrication work that may be applicable for your packing line. They make and alter such things as gantries, staircases, handrail, guards, chutes and other stainless steel items that are often required to make your packing line work.

You may have your own engineers and fabricators on site or you may rather use a company that you have dealt with before. This is not a problem. Again just let us know and we will send you the details of whatever they may need to do.

3D Representation and Project Reports/ We like to be able to give our clients a visual representation of what we are recommending. We use state of the art 3D rendering systems to model the machinery you require and give you a semi-realistic visualisation of what you can expect.

Our project reports contain what we are advising as well as the machinery and alternatives that we have recommended. They may also include schematics, dimensional drawings and prices depending on your specification.

Installation, Training and Commissioning/ If you require installation, training and commissioning, it is available. Our trained technicians will bring the machinery to site and get it installed, setup and running. They will also train your staff to operate the machinery to ensure smooth running and prevent future problems. Training includes safe operating of the machinery, program setup and simple problem solving.

Support and Maintenance/W e provide both on and off site technical support and maintenance contracts for complete packing lines in order to help provide you with peace of mind, safe and reliable operation and prolonged lifetimes of the machinery.