multipak support
technical/servicing & callouts/

We provide support for all of our machinery sales. Our support comes in the following forms:

Technical Support/ We provide technical support for purchased machinery via phone, email and other forms of contact away from site. If you have any technical issues, we can normally help over the phone, and we will do everything we can to solve your problems and answer your questions.

This service is free whilst your machinery is still covered by manufacturers warranty. After the warranty has expired, you may either purchase a maintenance and support package from us for continued technical, maintenance and on site support or pay per call or call out.

Maintenance/ We provide on site maintenance for any purchased machinery. This works on a set schedule, where a trained technician will visit your site, assess any problems with your machinery, attempt to fix these problems where possible and report on any problems that were not solved during the maintenance visit.

Maintenance also includes general machinery checks and replacement of worn parts such as bearings and seals where replacements are available and where possible.

Maintenance support is primarily available to all UK customers, however we may be able to provide maintenance support overseas dependant on conditions and pricing. Please contact us for more information about maintenance support, packages and pricing.

On Site Support/ If we are unable to solve your problems or issues via our technical support service then we may need to visit your site to assess the machinery in person. Our trained technicians will assess the machinery, check for faults and issues and attempt to replace any faulty parts and fix any issues where possible.

On site support is charged for by the day. Additional costs include travelling, accommodation, expenses and replacement parts where required.

If you have purchased a maintenance support package from us then these charges will be discounted significantly.