We offer a range of services including machinery sales, support, installation, commissioning, training, consultancy and more...

We provide technical support for purchased machinery via phone, email and other forms of contact away from site. If you have any technical issues, we can normally help over the phone, and we will do everything we can to solve your problems and answer your questions.

If we are unable to solve your problems or issues via our technical support service then we may need to visit your site to assess the machinery in person. Our trained technicians will assess the machinery, check for faults and issues and attempt to replace any faulty parts and fix any issues where possible.

We also provide general advice. If you are in the early stages of you project or if you are just thinking about what you might want to achieve then we can help. We can provide free advice that can include best practices, suitable ranges of machinery and what to expect in terms of pricing, output speeds and your finished product.