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Packing Check List/ Have you thought about everything you might need to fulfill your packing requirements?

Check off everything you've done or thought about and see what you still might need or need to do.


Have you thought about...

Machinery you might need... Feed system
Do you need vibratory feed hoppers?
Do you need elevators & conveyors to transfer your product to your weighing machine?
Weighing, Depositing, Measuring and or Counting your product

Different machines do different tasks. What is your product and how will you weigh or measure it out into the correct quantities?.

Do you need a multihead weigher? (Fast, accurate, ideal for solid products)
Do you need a linear weigher? (Slower, ideal for granular, large, bulky, powder)
Do you need an auger? (Uniform granular / powder products)
Do you need an depositor? (Liquids)
Do you need an volumetric filler? (Measured by volume not weight)
Bagging your product
Do you know which bagging machine you need?
Are you doing large or unusual bags?
Do you require vacuum sealing or gas flushing?
Do you need gusseting devices and hole punches?
Printing: Best before end, batch numbers and ingredients
Do you know what and how much do you need to print?
Can it all be one colour?
Would a labeller be more suitable?
Are you printing in a single location on the packaging?
Does your printer need to automatically adjust BBE and batch numbers?
Out-feed System
Do you need an elevating conveyor (Takes bags from bagging machine and elevates to working height)?
Do you need a rotary table? (Collects bags on spinning table for easy collection)
Do you need a metal detector?
Do you need a check weigher? (It is a legal requirement to check a certain number of finished products per batch to ensure they are the correct weight)
Do you need to transfer your finished products to a different location?
Bags and Film... Bag Size

Bagging machines require a certain amount of space above where your product settles to make a quality seal.

Do you know how wide and tall your bag needs to be to contain your product properly?
Have you calculated the volume of your bag to ensure their is enough room left for sealing the bag?
Does your product sit uniformly like a granular or powder or will it bunch up and sit awkwardly in the bag potentially causing issues with sealing?
Bag Type

There are many styles of bag from the standard pillow pack to stand up pouches, four sided seal bags, zip-lock fresh bags and doy-pack pouches.

Each bag type requires a different machine or mechanism for sealing.

Does the machine you have in mind seal the type of bag you require?
Do you require more than one style of bag from one bagging machine?
Film Type

There a various film types including the more common polythene (PE) and laminated films.

Each has advantages and disadvantages and they have different looks and feels.

Laminate is more rigid, easier to print on for pre-printed film, is easier to seal and maintains product freshness much better than polythene.

Polythene is cheaper, slightly (invisibly) porus and has a rubbery / stretchy feel. Ideal for frozen products but not suitable for gas flushing or vacuum packing.

Do you know which type of film you will be using?
Does the machine you have in mind seal the type of bag you require?
Printed Film

Printed film can be more expensive but it can look great and it can make the difference between a customer picking up your product over your competitors.

Are you using printed film?
Do you know who will be providing your design work?
Does your designer know the correct template sizes for bagging machine film and forming sets?
Do you know which seal type you want to use for the back, top and bottom of the bag?
Maintenance, Repairs, Training & Servicing... Maintaining Efficiency and Production Rates

All machinery requires some level of maintenance in order to run efficiently and at speed.

Do you have engineers or trained personal on site capable of maintaining your machinery?
Do they know what they need to know about your machinery?
Have you considered a maintenance or service contract to ensure peace of mind?
Repairs and Servicing
Do you have a service contract?
Do you know anyone that services and or repairs machinery?
Do you have a plan-B for any unexpected down time?
Do you have a service or maintenance schedule?
Do you know where to purchase and how to fit spare parts?
Labour, Workforce & Staff... Organising your workforce
Do you know how your staff will be organized to run your new machinery?
Are they trained to deal with faults, shut-downs, hygeining, maintenance, product changes and film changes?
Do you know what to do with the staff you no longer require?
Do you know how you will train your staff effectivley to ensure the packing line runs properly and smoothly?
Are your staff sufficiently trained in the safetly aspects of the packing line?
Do you know who will train new staff to operate, maintain and adhear to safety standards?
If your trained staff are away, is there anyone else who knows what to do?
Quality control... Check Weighing
Do you know how to check your bags for consistent weights, over weights, product give away and under weights?
Will you use an automatic inline check-weigher or use someone to manually check random packs from each batch with a set of bench scales?
Metal Detection
Do you need to be checking for metal?
Do you know what machinery is available for detecting metal?
Do you know how you will detect and deal with rejects?
Can you recycle or re-use the product / materials?
Proposed working area... Room Height
Is your ceiling height high enough to fit your proposed machinery & equipment?
Is it possible to go upwards into the roof space?
Do you require a low-level packing system?
Is your access (doors / gates) big enough to bring the machinery in?
Will any structural alterations need to be made to accommodate or install the packing machinery?
Services (Compressed Air / Power Supplies / Water)
Do you have a compressed air supply close to the proposed packing area?
Does your compressed air meet the requirements of your machinery?
Do you have single and three-phase power supplies close to the proposed packing area?
Are your hygeine facilities close to the proposed packing area?
Hygeine & Saftey Washing Down

Washing and hosing down machinery can and will reduce the lifetime of the machinery dramatically!

Is all of your machinery waterproof?
Is the IP-Rating (waterproof standard) high enough to hose down the machinery?
Do you have sinks and washing facilities close by?
Do you products contain allergens?
Removable Parts

Some machines have removable parts that can be taken off for cleaning.

Do you know how to remove them?
Do you have somewhere safe for them to be stored during cleaning?
Do you have spares in-case any are damaged during moving and cleaning?
Do you know how to ensure they are put back correctly? (Try labelling items for simplicity)
Will you be changing product frequently?

Cleaning and hygeine can take time.

Have you accounted for down time to change over and wash down?
Have you noted all of the settings required for each product on each machine?
Have you considered running product in batches for stock rather than swapping and changing to meet exact orders?
Do all of your products run properly on your machinery or do they require alterations, different size chutes and other changes to the line?

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