frequently asked questions


Can I view a MultiPak machine?

Yes, we have many satisfied clients who are more than happy for potential customers to view the machines we have supplied and installed for them.


Are MultiPak machines easy to maintain?

Yes, general maintenance is recommended as detailed in the installation manual to help maintain and get the most from your new machine - everything works better and last longer with a little tlc!


Can I set up and install a MultiPak machine?

Yes, we would recommend that if you are thinking about setting up your new Multipak machine that you have some knowledge about the installation of machinery, you would also require a qualified electrician to set up/install the electrics. Full instructions are provided within the manual provided with the machine, should you experience any difficulties or have any question throughout the installation process contact our Technical Support Team who will be more than happy to help you or alternatively they can schedule an engineer's call out to you.


Can I produce different bag sizes from one machine?

The vertical form fill seal bagging machines are designed to work with multiple bag widths and lengths. These are restricted to a certain degree, by the actual size of the machine.

All of our bagging machines come with one forming set, to your preferred size, that will allow for a single bag width to be produced. Bag lengths can still be varied without purchasing an additional forming set however, additional forming sets are required to produce different bag widths.


Can I weigh more than one product at the same time with a Multipak Multihead Weigher?

Our high speed, mix multihead weighers are capable of working as split or mix product machines which means that you can weigh a number of products simultaneously into a single bag or into separate bags if required.


Can additional software be installed after the initial set up has been completed?

Yes, we would ask that you contact MultiPak to install any new software onto your machinery, so you don't invalidate your warranty or service/maintenance contract you have in place.